Come. Get Disciplined. Get Fit.

with our custom made day to day plans that are devised exclusively for you.

A plan fit right into your schedule. No need to mad-switch your food habits. Get noticed by your friends within days of engaging in my plan.

Guaranteed weight loss within a month without any supplements.
A fitness plan that works for you

Ever wondered why our body accumulates fat in a steady phase even though we try all possible ways to halt it? I have seen people, who go for jogging or hitting the gym for years and stays the same, what's more, some even gain pounds. What are we missing here?. There are tons of legitimate health tips, fitness routines, celebrity workouts shattered around us, but it lacks depth to reach common working class, who has no time to constantly monitor themselves nor maintain diet.

My plans are for the people,
who are stuck at some weight or can't get rid of it no matter what you do? Who never have exercised but want to give a head start. Who are regularly working out but never could get your belly flattened. Who feel fit, but hit a plateau and need to go beyond that limit. Who want to try it at home mostly and don't have time to hit the gym. Basically anyone. Even if you are struggling to gain weight :), seriously, I could help you gain quality pounds.

Why can't adults stop feasting on junk even though we know it clearly when it is not good for the body? The answer is Lack of discipline. Discipline doesn't come within, it has to be taught and monitored.

How are we going to achieve discipline back in life?

Skipping a meal

We are going to skip a meal a day, either lunch or supper. This will help us restore our body sensitivity, to tell the difference between what is good and what is not for you. It will also help you shrink your guts slowly, thus your food intake would be limited on course. And save time and money you spend on taking food and rather invest it in exercise.


Humans can't realize the benefits of meditation until they experience it. Many of us don't spend 10-15 mins of our 24 hours to exercise our brain muscles, just because we are busy or our acts like one. I have devised the micro-meditation for my trainees, so they don't have to sit or schedule a time for meditation. You can do when you walk , drive, waiting in the hall, taking a bath and so on.


Back pain?. Early onset of ageing?. Infertility?. Sluggish sexual performance. Heart Disease?. Diabetes?. Mood swings?. Depression?. Tiring too early?. Even a lengthier sleeping session feels insufficient?. Want to better in decision making?

Go no far. Do the simple but progressive exercises I give you.

Monthly fee $40. It is 1.2$ / day. Technically it's zero dollars 😁. No kidding!. I will save every penny you spend here by changing your habits.

All the communications will happen over any messenger of your choice.

This isn't an automated app
In no way this site is predicting or analyzing your data and it never will. Everything will be overlooked by me and all your plans will be laid out based on your performance and endurance. You will be damned to know that I am using a spreadsheet here for all my trainees records. And I don't think I have to change it for the near future.

"This is merely an information serving website", for reviewing your workout plans and payment. Even your picture upload or my training sample videos would be posted via messenger apps.

"Even the payment system isn't automated yet".