About Me, the site, fees etc.,:

Presently I set the training fee as 40$ a month. It is 1.2+$ a day. The average money, a moderate earning person spent on snacks and junk food is 3$ a day. So I wanted to take something out from your snack budget. Also watching out a person and devising plans for them is not a no brainer. It takes immense concentration, time and bond to make and give directions.

Most people would get fit in 3 months, but it needs constant monitoring to keep them in check, so mostly it takes around a year to form the habit of exercise and a clean diet. So you basically wouldn't be wind up after a year if you have achieved your results. But, as I mentioned earlier, we tend to go off the way if we are not being watched. If you want to save money you better do what I say and get out of my way :) .

Technically you would be saving a lot more money once you are enrolled in, because you are going to cut away the junks. But I will make it sure you spend that saved money on sports wear, protein rich foods, simple equipment. Believe me friends, I will not let a penny go wasted here.

If you still hesitate, think about the cost of medications you would be taking every month and the time you are going to spend on hospital trips, not to mention the damage to your body. You will be spending 10X times a month than here and will bring on depression to the rest of the life. I have seen many of my clients are on the brink of getting Diabetes or having high cholesterol, which if left unchecked for couple of months could lead them to disaster for entire life.

The life which is stinky, weak and make all your plans and goals collapse in front of you. You can't crunch in a quick Trekking or back to back long flight trips without thinking about your heart condition and will be constantly depend on others to remind you about packing your pills. For people who think disciplined life as a time waster and tell out that everyone eventually die and should enjoy the present moment, I have a word for you. Watching others doing their job on TV, falling prey for marketing gimmicks and taking heavily chemical influenced food / beverage or smoking off weed / cigarettes and giving your savings to make a rich guy to make him richer is not living or enjoying-the-moment either.

I will show you the life of how you lived as a child and be a child for your entire life. A healthy, charming, adventure-seeking person would live and die as a child and will be embraced by their generation and become a role model for them. People will depend on you and your decisions and need you by their side and think about you when they face a hard-time. That is a well earned and lived life.

Also I haven't paid a penny for the developer of this site yet, he is very generous and a well known person of my financial stature. Although due to financial restrictions, we have created this a minimal front-end interface, it has so many exciting features which are not released for the moment as we don't have the budget to test those out, I hope I will make some money and can afford to pay for my friend to bring all those one by one.

Ok, Now About me :

Certified Physical Trainer, having 12 years of personal training and diet planning experience and have worked under various cultures around the world, with several little-known teams during initial stages of my career. That ranges from Senior North-East-India Zonal Level for Girls, Athlone Junior Boys Football club - Ireland, to Club Coast Sports Federation in Kisumu, Kenya.