90 days challenge for the people who are struggling with their lifestyle..

As you may already know it takes 90 days of practice to take up on a habit or give up an addiction, but I strongly believe we cannot make it on our own, I have tried a few times to kick out smoking, only to fail every time. It was made possible only after I get a like minded friend who was also struggling. We both discussed daily how the previous day went and the cues to tackle and how we are going to make the next day. And at the end of 100 days, we weren't even talking about smoking. It is gone for good from our life. It is scientifically proven that habit is like a footprints made in brain which makes most of our decisions autonomous, so if you start taking sugary beverage after food for a few days or grabbing a snack while watching TV, you will more likely to do the same for the rest of your life, because it will be hard wired into your brain physically. It is proven that avoiding consciously a thing for 90 days will erase the path in brain physically. So I will work closely with you daily and will devise plans for getting rid of any addiction which comes as an obstacle to your quality life. It is much harder than it is said but with your co-operation and honesty we can beat it together.

There will be a task sheet made up of 90 simple goals for will help you beat any addiction with a day by day monitoring. I will devise plans for every day and will be in constant touch to achieve them.