why exercise needed..

Most of us use exercise as a damage control, when it should be done to live the life a notch above than what we were supposed to. I have seen people try to amend for their past mistakes only in the late twenties, but just when they feel they have a grip on life, a chronic illness sets in and make their life unfruitful. Humans can only achieve to the extend where they can be healthy to do work. Exercise will prolong your lifespan, you need proof? look at the active sportsman of age 35 and look around the people near to us the same age. Yeah! I heard it, everyone gonna die someday, but how much we lived is the key. A life of a 30 years old cyclist would have an uncountable experiences than a couch potato live up to his 80s.

Infertility Impotence on the rise. People aren't able to reproduce as they used to be. Even in India and China. That's a good thing for the earth though, but that indicates people are getting sick and weak and there are companies around us to make money out of it. A little bit of exercise can do a lot better to life style and some harder workouts here and there would make you a leader of your pack. Exercising will make your blood flow like a flood and it will eventually clear the path it flows and make your veins and fibers stronger. And ultimately make our organs to do their destined work without fail.

Heart diseases Health care companies are getting fatter than ever because of life threatening illness, which is really not threatening if you pay them. Heart disease, diabetes, many other modern diseases and even cancer, are all bestowed upon us because we are stubborn to move our body. A light exercise of 150 minutes a week, as most of the health experts recommend here, wouldn't make any physical difference, but it will help our body fight vigorously against any heart disease and diabetes. A moderate and heavier exercise would keep your body young for decades, it would look like you stopped ageing after a certain period.

Depression Modern children are raised to live and face this world on their own. We had never been separated from our family or from own society like this before in the history of the human race. There comes the depression, without an unknown source. Even greatest psychiatrist can only find the reason behind your depression but can cure it only to certain length if done precisely. Depression preys on the weaker soul. You can beat the blood out of your depression by making yourself the predator. Exercise releases and helps producing a dozens of hormones and chemicals which temporarily makes you feel like a beast, which in turn is enough for beating depression. Before the next depression hits you would packing your workout kits to wake up the beast up. Over time, you would inherit your ancient ancestors behaviour of hunt and survive instinct because of your stronger body build and the word "depression" would be long gone.

No sleep is enough for you? Have you been experiencing this? Even after 10 hours of sleep or a 12 hours one, with a day sleep on weekends isn't enough for you and you still yawning at work? It is because your body wasn't tired for a sleep neither it was not ready to do any work, it has become too weak to signal you to get up and go. So all you wanna do is lying on the bed, just closing your eyes juggling between thoughts or watching meaningless series until your vital organs go dehydrated. This is not how your whole body gonna worn out and born a new the next day. You will be carrying your rotten flesh as a dead weight. Do exercise, show every cell the meaning of their birth, get tired and born a new person every single morning and face the world as a fighter.

When to exercise?
Anytime is a golden time for exercise unless you are still half digesting your food. Most people would love to start their workout routine in the morning for the reason their tummy is calm and hollow. But with your time restrictions, you could also workout at evening without an issue, providing, you have a very good break from the previous food intake, say 4-5 hours. Start the workouts light and gradually increase to your limits. You must feel light for aerobic exercises, you can be half full for weight resistance workouts, You will get used to the routine.