Why fasting necessary?

You body is stronger than the mind. Your weak mind cannot stop even if you know it is not good for you. But what if you make your body rejects it, like if you are sick, or you are allergic to specific food? You cannot take more. Fasting makes it easier to avoid excess food and your tummy get into a contradictory position it avoids to expand in time for more food, thus you feel distant from taking more food.

Be hungry all the time, will you accept if I say a leech is attached to your belly and it will suck your fat out. Consider a "hunger leech" is attached on your belly now and it is going to suck that dirty fat out of you.

We don't need food reserve for most of the work we do in our day to day life, we can carry on those works with a feeling of hunger. Like watching entertainment, reading books and sleeping. Sleeping doesn't need any energy and more importantly if your digestive has nothing to work on, it can go for a rest with you and you will have a peaceful night. I will watch over to find out the best time for you to go on an intermittent fast. I have had even tested it on software professionals who had to think for most of their day's work and after initial hiccups many of them successfully pulled through fasting during day. So unless your work demands physical activity, you can surely skip a meal even at day and get fit. It is basically unnecessary to chomp on food just because we like it, rather we need it. Bigger misconception of all time

Can burn what we eat through exercise. Simply No. You can run a half marathon but without maintaining a clean diet your weight would hover the same. Diet is nearly everything.

Fasting increases sensitivity.

Healthier foods don't taste better than the junk. That's probably the reason we fall for the unworthy foods. Fasting takes away excess chemical build up from your body including from taste buds and from the food track. With that even a raw meat with salt would taste delicious.