What you gonna get?

I am going to watch you daily and get you disciplined in your life.

What should I have before I start?

A place to run Play ground or space around the condo will do, or a nearby street. But if you can't find it or not feeling comfortable to go outside, we will look out for other options.
Bicycle Optional, but awesome things would happen if you own one. Especially, if you do your near-by chores by riding a bicycle, you give your muscles the much needed flexibility. And trust me, you would be saving a ton of time, than driving a car for short-distance shoppings. Also if you go for the exercise outside, cycling will serve as a mild warm-up before the workout and will help you release the lactic build up after workout. Try to buy one. You could even go to office and people would envy you for that.

How it works?

You are going to let me know what your free time is and I am going to devise the plans for you to exercise regularly and put a check on your food intake as well. I will be sending out plans for every three days.
Please be generous in finding free time, we waste so much time in watching other people doing real stuff on social media, tv etc., and brag about not having enough time for personal improvement.

If you put aside 8-10 hours for work, 6-8 hours of sleep, you have constant 6-8 hours for miscellaneous tasks, taking food, watching movies, making meaningless chats. Sometimes you would get a whole lot of free time, like on weekends / holidays. We tend to spend on binge eating, smoking, drinking, watching porn and a hell lot of miserable things.

Please slide in an hour for exercise and it would do a lot good for you and your loved ones. Your family would feel much safer and happier to have a confident person in home. Your team would wait for your opinion nearly at all circumstances.

Note to remember :Diet plays a 90% role in being fit and 10% is with exercise. But it is a delicate balance. You need exercise to improve your willpower which will make you stick to the Diet plan. Also only through exercise you can stay younger. Exercise is for keeping you young and diet is to keep you fit.

I will lay out the three days plan for you routinely, targeting various muscles. I will get to know whether you are going to workout at home or at the gym. Even for home workout I highly recommend you to find a spot for running, without running we cannot improve stamina thus cannot bring improvements in workout.

Also I can extract explosive benefits for you from running, because I will be annexing our workouts with intermittent fasting. In the worst case if you can't find a spot I will work with you closely to find an alternative.Also at the end of the day you will report back with how much food you took, how you worked out, how do you feel after working out, how much cigarettes were smoked, alcohol taken etc., these questions varies from person to person, but you get the idea.

I will give you instructions to limit food intake, if you are struggling. We are taking in the most undervalued approach in the fitness industry, especially for working class, who are struggling to check their weights in control.

Intermittent Fasting.Guys have you tried Paleo / Protein-Rich diet, it is an amazing concept which brought wonders for many, but admit it, it is rock hard to get it started, especially if you taking food outside regularly. Also nearly impossible to feed on only proteins if you are divided into your work most of the times. The pain which your endure through protein only diets is a long time process and we see no end to it. So people stick with for weeks and give up ultimately. It yields very good results nonetheless, but all it takes a trigger to break the pattern, a party celebration, a mad hunger day. It is really hard to get back on track, as we don't want to take on the pain which comes with us forever. And I have personally seen nearly 90% of the people have given up Paleo after months of practise and bulged up fat within months of giving up.

What if I say, you take the food you usually take and to keep it tight, just skip a meal. Friends, this is the magic which nearly the entire world is missing. Fasting gives the much needed rest to our digestive system and cools our body. It increases the sensitivity to the level your food tastes a lot better and satisfying.

Also, it is a shortcut tool, which you have in hand all the time, which you can dive in the instant when you feel you have taken over the limit. I will teach you to master the art of Intermittent fasting, because it should be done at the correct time and it will make you super charged for your next workout, especially aerobic.

You would feel like a feather floating in the wind, during a run or a swim or jumping ropes.

How many of us know, fasting has all the potential to beat out any onsetting cancer by depriving cells of much needed glucose and killing off amateur cancer cells? Cancer cells can't survive on ketones, which are the only supplied energy source during times of fasting.

There will be reports how you fared and your best so far and the worst so far. There will be mostly no rest day whose lifestyle is more sedentary.

Normal people don't need rest days a week, as we are giving our body 23 hours to recover. Rests are for serious athletes who work out for 4-6 hours a day.

There will be small prizes (coupons or discounts on the next month fee..I haven't decided yet though) for the top three achiever every three months and will be displayed on a 'Page of Fame'. It is not based on how you look but how you progressed over the period.

I will be teaching you to do little meditation as well, to calm the nerves and to stay on course.

You can basically stay fit from home through my program, but once you reach some astonishing progress, I will advise you to take up a gym or build a little one at home(if you are sure you wouldn't be migrating far from where you live now). Let's see how it goes later.