How long to see the results

In a week. No kidding.

Let's define the word "results" here. Most of the people give up or don't exercise at all just because it takes a long time to get their desired body, sometimes they don't get closer to that at all.

We imagine our future body to be as fit as Ronaldo or Taylor Swift and start working on our exercise routine, the moment we hit home, we overcompensate our worked-out hunger with food and stay the same for months or years and eventually give up, because when you don't see results you are just wasting time.

Remember friends, you have accumulated that fat over a span of few years and if you don't give your attention to it, you probably die ugly.

From my plans you are not going to be a supermodel in 15 days, but you will see progress within a week.

How long to achieve a dream body?

It is mostly depend on how much fat you have gained. But a moderate and high-willing person can do it mostly in 3 months. Others should definitely get there within 6 months. 6 months might seem long now, but your foes and closed-ones will be amazed by your on-going transformation, which would have already been an achievement in your history.

Progress is what we need to focus than result: I am sure I will get your friends ask you in a week about the changes in your body. So technically it is 7 days to get the satisfaction.

40 pat rule :Why can't we continue a good streak on a good habit or while learning a new stuff?
Lack of appreciation during the learning process.
People aren't going to appreciate until you show them what you have worked for. It always take a meaningful length of time than we initially planned and we tend to lose interest in the meantime and give up. Over time, we would mostly regret that we didn't continue the routine, had we spent 20 mins a day regularly on training, we would have learned a new thing in a year and would be in a different place from where we are now.

But you are in luck here :P .If you follow my plans (This is purely food restrictions and simple exercises - not any pills or fillers) - you will get your first appreciation within 7 days and will get abundant in the following weeks.
There is a rule I laid out for my trainees, 40 pat rule, you need to take note of every appreciation (I will create a space in the app later) and you should continue the streak, at least until you get 40 appreciations(appreciations which you considered worth mentioning). Once you finish this streak, it is really hard to let go of the habit of being disciplined, because the appreciation you have got in your memory now would turn into an addiction and you can't live without the acknowledgement from other people. So give it a try folks! A little harder. A little longer. It will be the best decision you have taken in your life.