Wanna get rid something bad from your life? You tried a hell of time and hell of different ways with no long time success? Ready to spend 10 mins a day to strengthen up your brain muscles? You will start living in a peace bubble all the time.

Here is the thing, I will be asking you to cut the sugar out in any form. You can't do that just because someone said, even though, you know it is ultra beneficial.
Your brain would start reasoning with you, the moment you see a sweetened food and it will win over you for the instant gratification, than for the long term goal. To foresee a long term benefit, you need stronger brain muscles, to think past the current moment.

Will power is a muscle which needs constant training to make it stronger.

Creative minds are harder to tame. The moment you sit for meditation, you would get tons of super thoughts passing through your brain and you would be tricked that you are wasting time by sitting vaguely than saving the world. I have seen people fall for that and get out of meditation without even giving in two minutes. The turbulence in the thoughts that happened when you close the eyes, is the proof that how you can be resourceful when you have a peaceful mind.

People often postpone learning new things, which can be a lifetime achievement, just because they feel the time is not 100% good right now. We should realise the time is never gonna be 100% right with us. You should make peace with your brain and cheat it, to tell that the present time is good for learning, than watching a sport or a movie. Who knows, one day they will be making a movie out of you, if you do the supposed things right now.

Through months of practise, meditation can give a virtual shield, which can bounce of useless thoughts that occupies us 80% of the time we are awake. Just try close the eyes and try to think of nothing for two minutes, the thoughts coming to our brain, is not gonna change a single event in our life. Admit it, we have taken wrong steps or uttered harsh words on others and lose their friendship or brought shame to ourselves, just because our thoughts gone wild and we "assumed" something bad gonna happen. It happens to us while bathing, waiting for the bus, waiting in a queue, while driving etc.,. Our brain just don't stop, thus mixing emotions with decisions and makes us a bad tempered person, who will mostly be disliked by the society.

Same time, we see people stay cool even at worst situations, caring less for their surrounding and their closest ones and will be looked upon as a demi-god people, because there are very less number of cool people around us. They are gifted with an absent minded brain, which doesn't take anything personal and don't want divulge into others life. Cool off your brain. Be that person. How do we do that? Same as an engine. You switch that hot rod brain off for quite a period.

There are two types of successful people. One is gifted with talents and others who train hard and achieve the same.

Micro meditation. Enough said. But, it is terribly hard to train a modern brain without feeding information for few minutes. We have spiked it too hard, it needs a dose of news every few minutes. How many times you have switched over from your work to check your phone or to hover over social media or gasping for catastrophic events around us. We are so addicted to information that everytime our phone buzzed our brain gets a pinch of dopamine and we feel happy that our phone got some news before even we opened it. So I have failed miserably to teach my students how to meditate until I found this myself. Micro meditation. I don't know whether anyone has worked on it before, So I thought this is my invention. hoohaa.

Micro meditation is for people who struggle to sit for a meditation session, like for 20 mins, which is the recommended time.

How to do? Take the situations from above : While driving (it is completely safe, you will have your full attention on road by this) or riding a cycle or during a walk or waiting for a train or cutting vegetable or taking a bath or brushing, anything which doesn't need your brain's logical thinking, you just try to switch off your brain. Don't allow any thoughts to ponder. Just try to make it blank. 90% of these times we ought to have negative thoughts going, like "if that car takes a wild turn in front of me I am gonna make a deal out of him" or "Why Maria has done this when she is supposed to do other way, I am gonna give my peace of mind to her" or "That discount was fake". By avoiding these thoughts we give the much needed rest to our brain and thus make it to think only peace and not troubles. By pulling off to a blank space from clouds of thoughts and give it the break time it deserved, you show your brain you care about her. There are innumerous situations where we face such thought-filled-moments everyday and we should make use of it.

Eventually when you master it, I will take you to the next level for a proper meditation session, where you can actually sit and have your own time.

Some tips for micro meditation : People who can't pull off a blank image, can try to switch off your language, i.e, don't give your thoughts any language to think. Just no words. Your brain will go blank in a matter of seconds. People can also imagine themselves sitting at a peaceful park with no one around or sitting on a beach with waves kissing your legs, but these thoughts shouldn't have any other scenes or people involved. Just you and repetitive scenes. This will dope you for sure and you will get to see the other side of your world where only peace exists.