Some of the testimonials

Rebacca :I knew nothing about dieting and fitness plans, Ram has all the patience in the world to guide me. I have lost 6 pounds in a month and more importantly, he taught me to do with my natural ability and I can go on with this for lifetime. I definitely recommends D&N for everyone. TQ. Rebs.

Charles Kiyeng :Rocking from the start. PT Ram takes utmost care in developing plans for individual. I have known him from a friend of mine and one of the best decisions in my life to rope in with him. My wife and I are now under his program and it is more fulfilling. Also, he is a good human at heart and he had plans to launch a website, I wish him all the luck in the world. Regards, Charles Kiyeng - Motto farms, Nairobi.

Brian Hats :Ram is a kind hearted, honest person and notch your life to a different level. I was an invisible person among my friends with no ambitions. I knew it was related to my food addiction and my sedentary lifestyle, but couldn't help it myself. Stomped on him from a reference, he is patient and takes time to ask you the next question and he just says "got it" on chat for most of the time. But when he comes up with the plans when you execute it, you surely will be astonished with the results. I thank God every day for the rest of my life for introducing this simple man in to my life.

Pessilia : One time visit to a physician in my city, would cost 4-5 times what he is charging for a month. Also, he has all the rights when he says "I will save more than what you give it to me". Trust his words, this guy saves me nearly 100+ dollars a month. Simple, attentive, feel-good-friendly trainer anyone could ask for.

Caros Amees : I had been under his diet plans for a year. And I learnt bags of controlled-eating tricks and exercise plans for my lifetime. I am no more paying him, he kind of taught everything he could within a year. I was 80kg when I enrolled in and now I am staying in 55kg for almost 3 years. CaMee