What do we achieve here?

We not only get rid of your extra pounds away, but also can reverse type 2 diabetes, burn your cholesterol build up, repair your arteries whatsoever damaged, prevent future heart damage. Many won't realize how close they are to their first heart malfunctioning. We achieve everything here through diet and exercises.

I have successfully pulled 4 of my clients out from type-2 diabetes and for which they had been taking medications for couple of years. That, I boast as an achievement. I have brought down cholesterol levels for several of my clients, this one is the easiest of my tasks. All it takes is 3 months of following my plans. There is a student who stopped wearing eyeglasses after 6 months of regiment. I can't promise that for everyone, that one was completely unintentional, he was in his 20s and that should have helped him. We experimented plant based diet for him for various reasons, but we met the end with this sweet consequence.

What's more, It is proven we can reverse cancer at its early stages just through with strict diet. Starve those bastards cells from their required energy sources and we are done.

We will get rid some of your addictions on they way. Even will cure erectile dysfunctions, all with your daily routine and not through special supplements. You will enjoy your sex a lot more and perform a lot longer in bed.

Why gyms don't workout for starters?
We all don't grow the same. Everyone has own weaknesses and strengths in their body, some with long torso, some with weak back others with lean calves or others the rounded shoulders. But most of the gyms instruct us to follow generic workouts, which in days, takes a toll on our body and it kicks in a natural response not to go and injure yourself. It is the body's best defense mechanism to ask you to sit at home, than go turn the muscles and bones to irregular shapes.

What we gonna do here is, laying out the best possible variety of workouts for every individual, to suit their body.

Winning a day:
Setting aside your dream body, we will be mostly doing it to win a day and go to bed as a winner. You will be competing with your yesterday's-self and you will better that fellow.

What is considered winning? Fulfilled what we already planned. So plan just a day ahead and knock out things precisely, rather going behind a with go-to-plan for the toned body overnight.